A couple of things you need to know about these totals:  The points shown here are the Earned Points for the 2012 CWIRA Season, with the "throw out" points removed.  The removed points are replaced with TO (throw out) in the points column.  The "Worker Points" have not been added yet, but by the 2012 rules a "work day" cannot be used as a throw out.   Please look over these totals and advise us of any errors you may find.  cwirainfo@gmail.com

updated 2/28-10pm 01/08/2012 01/22/2012 01/29/2012 02/05/2012 02/12/2012 02/19/2012 02/26/2012
 ClassNameOverallPoints EarnedOverallPoints EarnedOverallPoints EarnedOverallPoints EarnedOverallPoints EarnedOverallPoints EarnedOverallPoints EarnedTotal Points
11 Open Pro/Am GP M/CLuke L Fox12021621621668
21 Open Pro/Am GP M/CJohn E Strangfeld12012012060
31 Open Pro/Am GP M/CCorey J Schroeder6TO5106931331345
41 Open Pro/Am GP M/CIan E Malinowski51041131341145
51 Open Pro/Am GP M/CAdam J Bushman21621651042
61 Open Pro/Am GP M/CBrian A Frandsen41121631340
71 Open Pro/Am GP M/CMike M Trulen78696926
81 Open Pro/Am GP M/CTrey C Johnson12020
91 Open Pro/Am GP M/CRoy W Nafzger12020
101 Open Pro/Am GP M/CJacob M Cunningham31313
111 Open Pro/Am GP M/CDavid V Zawistowski31313
121 Open Pro/Am GP M/CKen S Even41111
131 Open Pro/Am GP M/CDave J Wappler41111
141 Open Pro/Am GP M/CMark S Schmidt51010
151 Open Pro/Am GP M/CHayden F Henry788
13 Open Am GP M/CCorey J Schroeder5TO21612012021672
23 Open Am GP M/CJeff M Stewart31312021621665
33 Open Am GP M/CHayden F Henry7TO7821631351047
43 Open Am GP M/CJack C Potter6TO4114116931243
53 Open Am GP M/CDavid V Zawistowski12012040
63 Open Am GP M/CMitchel R Rush873134117839
73 Open Am GP M/CMike M Trulen41151041132
83 Open Am GP M/CChristian H Johnson12020
93 Open Am GP M/CPhil P Popour21616
103 Open Am GP M/CKenneth M Seif31313
113 Open Am GP M/CNick F Blumer31313
123 Open Am GP M/CHunter Even51010
133 Open Am GP M/CTryton E Stewart51010
143 Open Am GP M/CKevin A Weivoda699
153 Open Am GP M/CDave W Lockhart699
163 Open Am GP M/CTravis O Bowen877
173 Open Am GP M/CTimothy E Powell966
14 Open GP Quad StudBrandon J Hoffman1201202161205TO76
24 Open GP Quad StudDj W Schultz 2161203TO12056
34 Open GP Quad StudGraham P Eichmiller 5102163139TO39
44 Open GP Quad StudDustin A Hoffman 41121627
54 Open GP Quad StudKen W Marcou41121627
64 Open GP Quad StudAdam M Smedbron51031323
74 Open GP Quad StudNick Nett 6941120
84 Open GP Quad StudBrandon H Leis 7851018
94 Open GP Quad StudTravis D Weiler696918
104 Open GP Quad StudShaun E Winkler4118718
114 Open GP Quad StudCarl L Spurling31313
124 Open GP Quad StudCasey D Green31313
134 Open GP Quad StudZach S Shaffer699
144 Open GP Quad StudAaron F Pravechek788
154 Open GP Quad StudTaylor S Peterson 0
164 Open GP Quad StudZach P Zwirchitz 0
174 Open GP Quad StudMike S Mueller 0
15 Pee Wee A QuadIan T Arneson1201202161202162162TO108
25 Pee Wee A QuadKallee Dhein2162164112163TO12012099
35 Pee Wee A QuadCole A Minsaas3134113133131204TO31383
45 Pee Wee A QuadBlaire A Lindner4113131204114115105TO76
55 Pee Wee A QuadJacob B Dick51051051051031341164
65 Pee Wee A QuadDakota M Gettinger696918
75 Pee Wee A QuadDanielle M Minsaas787816
85 Pee Wee A QuadDiesel J Plaskey877
95 Pee Wee A QuadRyder J Plaskey966
16 Pee Wee B QuadRyder J Plaskey7TO31312021631312041193
26 Pee Wee B QuadDakota M Gettinger4TO8921612021631321690
36 Pee Wee B QuadCaleb J Leschke2162164115TO41141131378
46 Pee Wee B QuadDanielle M Minsaas589831331321612078
56 Pee Wee B QuadDiesel J Plaskey6TO69694111205107867
66 Pee Wee B QuadKameron D Steindl12051078510696966
76 Pee Wee B QuadHayden R Winkler31378510697848
86 Pee Wee B QuadTyler L Thompson12020
96 Pee Wee B QuadZachary T Wolf41111
106 Pee Wee B QuadKatie L Volovsek51010
116 Pee Wee B QuadAbigail F Schroeder877
126 Pee Wee B QuadDevin M Argall966
136 Pee Wee B QuadPayton G Schroeder1055
146 Pee Wee B QuadFrank Wileds1144
17 Open Pro M/CJamie A Hanson6TO216216696921666
27 Open Pro M/CRussell A Bradley Jr.7TO31341151051041141166
37 Open Pro M/CAdam J Bushman2162166921657
47 Open Pro M/CJohn E Strangfeld41112041131355
57 Open Pro M/CBrock M Schwarzenbacher12031312053
67 Open Pro M/CSoren M La Valley9669510785106952
77 Open Pro M/CMark Muth120313123788751
87 Open Pro M/CLuke L Fox411698751037
97 Open Pro M/CJesse A Janisch12021636
107 Open Pro M/CRoy W Nafzger41112031
117 Open Pro M/CMarky D Will31331326
127 Open Pro M/CIan E Malinowski10578969625
137 Open Pro M/CBrian A Frandsen51051010121
147 Open Pro M/CTrey C Johnson12020
157 Open Pro M/CGerry P Thrune788715
167 Open Pro M/CJacob M Cunningham31313
177 Open Pro M/CKen S Even1057813
187 Open Pro M/CGreg F Barth788
197 Open Pro M/CPat H Bean87918
207 Open Pro M/CMark S Schmidt877
217 Open Pro M/CLance R Wollin877
227 Open Pro M/CChris W Foskett966
237 Open Pro M/CTom Desort1144
18 Open Pro QuadBrandon J Hoffman120120120120120100
28 Open Pro QuadDj W Schultz1202162165104TO12082
38 Open Pro QuadMike S Mueller4117TO2165102168741171
48 Open Pro QuadGraham P Eichmiller5103133134113139TO60
58 Open Pro QuadAdam M Smedbron6941141169696TO51059
68 Open Pro QuadDustin A Hoffman21651031321655
78 Open Pro QuadKen W Marcou4117831332
88 Open Pro QuadWes D Asbach313787829
98 Open Pro QuadColton J Karl698751026
108 Open Pro QuadBrandon H Leis788710520
118 Open Pro QuadAndy D Netzel9631319
128 Open Pro QuadAndy D Wetzel21616
138 Open Pro QuadLarry R Roper10551015
148 Open Pro QuadMatthew J Matuszewski877
158 Open Pro QuadTaylor S Peterson966
168 Open Pro QuadDion S Shilka1100
19 Pro/Am Rubber ATVColin M Wilcott4111201202161204117TO98
29 Pro/Am Rubber ATVMitchel S Williams51041131312051012084
39 Pro/Am Rubber ATVTad M Fehrenbach3132165TO31321612078
49 Pro/Am Rubber ATVNick J Moelter9TO5102163132165106974
59 Pro/Am Rubber ATVJames R Helgeson87875108741110TO21658
69 Pro/Am Rubber ATVJohn J Flick1206969697TO51057
79 Pro/Am Rubber ATVScott L Davis216787831341156
89 Pro/Am Rubber ATVJim H Falke693134117TO6931355
99 Pro/Am Rubber ATVDustin T Dix7810569969634
109 Pro/Am Rubber ATVJared J Moeller114105878710528
119 Pro/Am Rubber ATVLuke L White9641117
129 Pro/Am Rubber ATVAlex L Volovsek968713
139 Pro/Am Rubber ATVJordan R Drexler788
110 Open C M/CHayden F Henry1201201201201202TO100
210 Open C M/CSierra J Heindl4116TO51031351041121671
310 Open C M/CHanna M Daniels21631331341153
410 Open C M/CShannon G Reimer31312033
510 Open C M/CHunter Even21621632
610 Open C M/CTryton E Stewart31341124
710 Open C M/CMatt R Fisher51041121
810 Open C M/CNick F Blumer12020
910 Open C M/CKevin A Weivoda21616
1010 Open C M/CJim D Mullen21616
1110 Open C M/CJordan A Schiller31313
1210 Open C M/CDave W Lockhart41111
1310 Open C M/CAdam Zylkowski51010
1410 Open C M/CAdam J Ziolkowski699
111 AM Stock Rubber ATVMax R Lantvit2162161202161203TO216104
211 AM Stock Rubber ATVAlan R Falke12012021612012096
311 AM Stock Rubber ATVMarty A Minsaas3138TO21631331321631384
411 AM Stock Rubber ATVChristopher C Statz41141131341151041167
511 AM Stock Rubber ATVAustin M Baehnman510411694116951060
611 AM Stock Rubber ATVRussell A Schmidt695108726
711 AM Stock Rubber ATVScott W Peterson12020
811 AM Stock Rubber ATVKarl J Genett7841119
911 AM Stock Rubber ATVAlex L Volovsek31313
1011 AM Stock Rubber ATVJosh M Ludwig51010
1111 AM Stock Rubber ATVCole R Robus699
1211 AM Stock Rubber ATVJacob S Schilling788
1311 AM Stock Rubber ATVKyle L Genett966
112 Open B M/CMitchel R Rush5TO120120120120120100
212 Open B M/CAlec Muth6TO4113133136951051066
312 Open B M/CCorey J Schroeder21631341131353
412 Open B M/CRick M Rozinski21631321645
512 Open B M/CChristian H Johnson12020
612 Open B M/CPhil P Popour12020
712 Open B M/CJeff M Stewart21616
812 Open B M/CTony G Kalies21616
912 Open B M/CJim D Mullen21616
1012 Open B M/CDavid V Zawistowski21616
1112 Open B M/CDave J Wappler31313
1212 Open B M/CKenneth M Seif31313
1312 Open B M/CGordy Halys41111
1412 Open B M/CDale R Funk41111
1512 Open B M/CHayden F Henry41111
1612 Open B M/CPatrick G Stemper51010
1712 Open B M/CBrock D Schroeder788
113 Junior Studded QuadKaylin M Steindl120120120120120120120
213 Junior Studded QuadDustin G Deimer216120216216216216100
313 Junior Studded QuadMitchell M Christian51031323
413 Junior Studded QuadTyler Allen21616
513 Junior Studded QuadBryce A Mares31313
613 Junior Studded QuadKenneth M Seif31313
713 Junior Studded QuadRyan D Waterman41111
114 Outlaw Pro Rubber ATVScott M Lindner4TO120120216216120120112
214 Outlaw Pro Rubber ATVLouis A Plaskey1203132161209TO31321698
314 Outlaw Pro Rubber ATVDan Lindner2162163TO31312021681
414 Outlaw Pro Rubber ATVJeremy T Flees3135105104113136TO31370
514 Outlaw Pro Rubber ATVNick Nett51041141196695TO41158
614 Outlaw Pro Rubber ATVCody M Norris8TO696951041141150
714 Outlaw Pro Rubber ATVColin M Wilcott788TO7887510877848
814 Outlaw Pro Rubber ATVMitchel S Williams698769877840
914 Outlaw Pro Rubber ATVJim H Falke9TO7878789651040
1014 Outlaw Pro Rubber ATVScott L Davis104961051056929
1114 Outlaw Pro Rubber ATVDustin A Hoffman1155
115 Junior MotorcycleCody R Funk1201201201201201201TO120
215 Junior MotorcycleMason R Barth3133133132163TO21621687
315 Junior MotorcycleNoah J Baehnman2164115TO31341131341175
415 Junior MotorcycleMegan C Funk695106TO41151041131364
515 Junior MotorcycleTryton E Stewart41121621621659
615 Junior MotorcycleRyan J Mullen41111
715 Junior MotorcycleJordan A Schiller51010
815 Junior MotorcycleHanna M Daniels51010
116 Open Am Quad StudKyle R Wolosek1201201202161206TO96
216 Open Am Quad StudRobert J Wiskerchen4TO31321631331312012095
316 Open Am Quad StudDexter J Popp12TO216691204116921681
416 Open Am Quad StudCraig D Melville9TO51031351021621641176
516 Open Am Quad StudTravis D Weiler2164114114115TO31362
616 Open Am Quad StudDustin J Pieper313697TO6951041152
716 Open Am Quad StudWilliam L Bell7887510876TO787848
816 Open Am Quad StudShaun E Winkler87105967826
916 Open Am Quad StudJordon S Hamel31351023
1016 Open Am Quad StudChris G Nigbor51010
1116 Open Am Quad StudAndrew T Kalenske699
1216 Open Am Quad StudDamian R Dinger788
1316 Open Am Quad StudJeremy D Leitzke788
1416 Open Am Quad StudRyan B Cable877
1516 Open Am Quad StudAaron F Pravechek877
1616 Open Am Quad StudChris M Samplawski877
1716 Open Am Quad StudDion S Shilka966
1816 Open Am Quad StudZach S Shaffer966
1916 Open Am Quad StudCody A Gordon-ruff1055
2016 Open Am Quad StudLarry R Roper1011
2116 Open Am Quad StudDan B Borth1111
2216 Open Am Quad StudZach P Zwirchitz1311
117 B Rubber ATV (3-W)Nick J Moelter3132161201201201204TO109
217 B Rubber ATV (3-W)Jordan R Drexler4111207TO21641131331384
317 B Rubber ATV (3-W)James R Helgeson6TO51021631321641121682
417 B Rubber ATV (3-W)Tad M Fehrenbach2164115107TO21612073
517 B Rubber ATV (3-W)Alex L Volovsek81110115104113135105TO66
617 B Rubber ATV (3-W)John J Flick120786969697TO55
717 B Rubber ATV (3-W)Dustin T Dix51087313876946
817 B Rubber ATV (3-W)Jared J Moeller69788724
917 B Rubber ATV (3-W)Luke L White31341124
1017 B Rubber ATV (3-W)Derek J Moeller5107818
1117 B Rubber ATV (3-W)Trevor G Andrew966915
1217 B Rubber ATV (3-W)Taylor S Peterson788
118 250/450 Pro M/CJamie A Hanson8TO1201204116921676
218 250/450 Pro M/CRussell A Bradley Jr.10TO2162166941141141174
318 250/450 Pro M/CAdam J Bushman21612021612072
418 250/450 Pro M/CBrock M Schwarzenbacher12021612056
518 250/450 Pro M/CSoren M La Valley121411411313786953
618 250/450 Pro M/CLuke L Fox3135109651039
718 250/450 Pro M/CMarky D Will21612036
818 250/450 Pro M/CIan E Malinowski3138731333
918 250/450 Pro M/CBrian A Frandsen695106928
1018 250/450 Pro M/CKen S Even51031323
1118 250/450 Pro M/CRoy W Nafzger51051020
1218 250/450 Pro M/CJason A Heindl877815
1318 250/450 Pro M/CJacob M Cunningham31313
1418 250/450 Pro M/CTrey C Johnson31313
1518 250/450 Pro M/CDan Van Daalwyk41111
1618 250/450 Pro M/CFred R Therrien51010
1718 250/450 Pro M/CPat H Bean131789
1818 250/450 Pro M/CDave V Ebben788
1918 250/450 Pro M/CMark S Schmidt788
2018 250/450 Pro M/CTony D Bradley111967
2118 250/450 Pro M/CBryan A Smetana966
119 Pro/Am Mod Quad StudBrandon J Hoffman120120120120120100
219 Pro/Am Mod Quad StudDj W Schultz2162162164TO21612084
319 Pro/Am Mod Quad StudGraham P Eichmiller31331321631321611TO71
419 Pro/Am Mod Quad StudRobert J Wiskerchen695103138TO3134116965
519 Pro/Am Mod Quad StudCraig D Melville510411785105108TO41160
619 Pro/Am Mod Quad StudAdam M Smedbron4119TO5106969787855
719 Pro/Am Mod Quad StudMike S Mueller9TO694119678968747
819 Pro/Am Mod Quad StudDustin A Hoffman1207810533
919 Pro/Am Mod Quad StudKen W Marcou976951026
1019 Pro/Am Mod Quad StudDexter J Popp41131324
1119 Pro/Am Mod Quad StudAndy D Netzel7831321
1219 Pro/Am Mod Quad StudColton J Karl8751017
1319 Pro/Am Mod Quad StudAndy D Wetzel21616
1419 Pro/Am Mod Quad StudKeith C Packard699
1519 Pro/Am Mod Quad StudTaylor S Peterson788
1619 Pro/Am Mod Quad StudMatthew J Matuszewski877
1719 Pro/Am Mod Quad StudLarry R Roper877
1819 Pro/Am Mod Quad StudRyan B Cable866
1919 Pro/Am Mod Quad StudDamian R Dinger1011
2019 Pro/Am Mod Quad StudZach S Shaffer1011
2119 Pro/Am Mod Quad StudDion S Shilka1100
120 C Rubber ATVSara A Hoffman1204TO31351021651012089
220 C Rubber ATVJacob L Helgeson313692169TO41112021685
320 C Rubber ATVAlan R Falke5TO21612012021631385
420 C Rubber ATVMax R Lantvit4119TO12021631331351083
520 C Rubber ATVDevin M Borski2161204117TO6941141178
620 C Rubber ATVAlex L Volovsek69313693137044
720 C Rubber ATVKarl J Genett51078696936
820 C Rubber ATVKyle L Genett788741126
920 C Rubber ATVChad A Hartfiel875106926
1020 C Rubber ATVGraham P Eichmiller1149611111
1120 C Rubber ATVChris M Samplawski51010
1220 C Rubber ATVJared J Moeller788
1320 C Rubber ATVJosh M Argall788
1420 C Rubber ATVKen W Martin877
1520 C Rubber ATVJosh M Ludwig1051216
1620 C Rubber ATVTyler B Budtke1011
121 Pro Vet MotorcycleJohn E Strangfeld12012012012080
221 Pro Vet MotorcycleMark Muth12021631331331375
321 Pro Vet MotorcycleGreg F Barth6TO313694116941153
421 Pro Vet MotorcycleGerry P Thrune21631351051049
521 Pro Vet MotorcycleMarky D Will21612036
621 Pro Vet MotorcycleRoy W Nafzger31312033
721 Pro Vet MotorcycleKen S Even21621632
821 Pro Vet MotorcycleJason A Heindl41121627
921 Pro Vet MotorcycleDan Van Daalwyk21616
1021 Pro Vet MotorcycleFred R Therrien31313
1121 Pro Vet MotorcyclePat H Bean4114112
1221 Pro Vet MotorcycleTom Desort41111
1321 Pro Vet MotorcycleDave V Ebben51010
1421 Pro Vet MotorcycleMarvin R Wollschlager788
122 Amateur Vet M/CCorey J Schroeder4TO21612021621631381
222 Amateur Vet M/CDale R Funk697TO21621641141121679
322 Amateur Vet M/CJack C Potter7841112012041170
422 Amateur Vet M/CRick M Rozinski21612031312069
522 Amateur Vet M/CMike M Trulen5106931351042
622 Amateur Vet M/CDavid V Zawistowski12012040
722 Amateur Vet M/CDave J Wappler31313
822 Amateur Vet M/CSam Maki31313
922 Amateur Vet M/CGordy Halys31313
1022 Amateur Vet M/CDave W Lockhart41111
1122 Amateur Vet M/CKevin A Weivoda51010
1222 Amateur Vet M/CPatrick G Stemper51010
1322 Amateur Vet M/CMatt R Fisher877
123 B Mod Prod Quad StudRobert J Wiskerchen3134TO120120216120120109
223 B Mod Prod Quad StudCraig D Melville1103132163131202163TO78
323 B Mod Prod Quad StudTravis D Weiler2162163134113134TO69
423 B Mod Prod Quad StudAlex A Asmussen6969693137851058
523 B Mod Prod Quad StudJordon S Hamel78964119TO510696953
623 B Mod Prod Quad StudDustin J Pieper4115105105104115TO52
723 B Mod Prod Quad StudJosh L Schultz21641121643
823 B Mod Prod Quad StudKyle R Wolosek1201207040
923 B Mod Prod Quad StudShaun E Winkler967869788738
1023 B Mod Prod Quad StudDamian R Dinger1058712
1123 B Mod Prod Quad StudAndrew T Kalenske51010
1223 B Mod Prod Quad StudNick Nett788
1323 B Mod Prod Quad StudRiley W Beyer877
1423 B Mod Prod Quad StudZach S Shaffer877
1523 B Mod Prod Quad StudZachary T Schiferl966
1623 B Mod Prod Quad StudCody A Gordon-ruff1055
124 Junior Rubber QuadEmma A Robus11TO120120216120120120116
224 Junior Rubber QuadCole R Robus4TO41121612051031321686
324 Junior Rubber QuadAustin M Baehnman12031378879TO21651074
424 Junior Rubber QuadDevin M Borski96216313313786965
524 Junior Rubber QuadRenee M Herdrich216698710TO216788763
624 Junior Rubber QuadDawson J Dick313786941151041162
724 Junior Rubber QuadNoah J Baehnman5108751041131312TO7859
824 Junior Rubber QuadCollin R Baehnman78510969610TO8731350
924 Junior Rubber QuadIan T Arneson411510694116950
1024 Junior Rubber QuadTaya Nett87961056911TO969639
1124 Junior Rubber QuadJordan Lindner69105114788711TO10538
1224 Junior Rubber QuadJacob B Dick1055
1324 Junior Rubber QuadCole A Minsaas1055
1424 Junior Rubber QuadKallee Dhein1144
125 250 Amateur M/CJeff M Stewart120120120120120100
225 250 Amateur M/CAlec Muth2162163TO216216216120100
325 250 Amateur M/CSierra J Heindl3135105TO31351041121673
425 250 Amateur M/CMike M Trulen12031331331359
525 250 Amateur M/CHanna M Daniels4141121641139
625 250 Amateur M/CMatt R Fisher41111
725 250 Amateur M/CHunter Even600
127 C Mod Prod Quad StudThomas J Thyssen4116941112041112082
227 C Mod Prod Quad StudAdam J Trybula12051012012070
327 C Mod Prod Quad StudTyler B Budtke41141121638
427 C Mod Prod Quad StudDuane D Pretscl21612036
527 C Mod Prod Quad StudZachary T Schiferl21631329
627 C Mod Prod Quad StudSteve T Pozega31351023
727 C Mod Prod Quad StudChris G Nigbor12020
827 C Mod Prod Quad StudDan B Borth21616
927 C Mod Prod Quad StudChris M Samplawski21616
1027 C Mod Prod Quad StudT.j. Thompson31313
1127 C Mod Prod Quad StudKeith C Packard3137013
1227 C Mod Prod Quad StudCasey D Green31313
128 A Rubber QuadScott M Lindner1202162161204TO120216108
228 A Rubber QuadLouis A Plaskey4111203132167TO21612096
328 A Rubber QuadDan Lindner3133131203131203TO79
428 A Rubber QuadJeremy T Flees216411784118TO6931368
528 A Rubber QuadNick Nett698741110TO6941141158
628 A Rubber QuadColin M Wilcott7851069873139TO7855
728 A Rubber QuadCody M Norris5107TO5106951051049
828 A Rubber QuadMitchel S Williams87875102168747
928 A Rubber QuadJim H Falke9669789610TO51039
1028 A Rubber QuadScott L Davis1059696786934
1128 A Rubber QuadNick J Moelter877