Note that this is the RAW POINTS EARNED report.  The "Throw Out" races have NOT been applied yet NOR have the "Worker Points days".
  posted 3/5/14 8:47pm CWIRA Season Points Raw Totals Sherwood HatfieldTomah SaturdayTomah SundayWeyauwegaDextervilleTomah-2
  01/12/2014 01/19/2014 02/01/2014 02/02/2014 02/09/2014 02/16/2014 03/03/2014
 ClassNameOverallPoints EarnedOverallPoints EarnedOverallPoints EarnedOverallPoints EarnedOverallPoints EarnedOverallPoints EarnedOverallPoints EarnedTotal Points
17 Open Pro MotorcycleJesse A Leu21631321651021671
27 Open Pro MotorcycleRussell A Bradley Jr.693135105107821666
37 Open Pro MotorcycleLuke L Fox31341112044
47 Open Pro MotorcycleMitchell E Leu12031351043
57 Open Pro MotorcycleNick F Blumer51012031343
67 Open Pro MotorcycleChristian A Johnson12012040
77 Open Pro MotorcycleIan E Malinowski7878696934
87 Open Pro MotorcycleTrey C Johnson21621632
97 Open Pro MotorcycleBryan Bigelow1207828
107 Open Pro MotorcycleLance J Triofelner41131324
117 Open Pro MotorcycleJason L Wenthold12020
127 Open Pro MotorcycleGreg F Barth8731320
137 Open Pro MotorcycleRoy W Nafzger4118718
147 Open Pro MotorcycleAdam J Bushman4119617
157 Open Pro MotorcycleBrock M Schwarzenbacher21616
167 Open Pro MotorcycleSoren M La Valley41111
177 Open Pro MotorcycleBrian A Frandsen41111
187 Open Pro MotorcycleNeil A Pede51010
197 Open Pro MotorcycleBob Maxwell699
207 Open Pro MotorcycleHunter A Even699
217 Open Pro MotorcycleColin Brill788
227 Open Pro MotorcycleWyatt J Hooper877
237 Open Pro MotorcycleJeff Berg966
18 Open Pro QuadCraig D Melville120216120120120120120136
28 Open Pro QuadMike S Mueller31312021621621641192
38 Open Pro QuadGraham P Eichmiller21651031331341121679
48 Open Pro QuadTravis D Weiler51031321651031331375
58 Open Pro QuadDexter J Popp69694114114115107869
68 Open Pro QuadWes D Asbach3136922
78 Open Pro QuadBobby J Wiskerchen41141122
88 Open Pro QuadAdam M Smedbron6951019
98 Open Pro QuadKyle R Wolosek787816
108 Open Pro QuadZach J Degner699
19 Pro/Am Rubber ATVTad M Fehrenbach78313313120120216120110
29 Pro/Am Rubber ATVAlex L Volovsek12021678216216313216105
39 Pro/Am Rubber ATVJim H Falke5104112165105108731377
49 Pro/Am Rubber ATVMitchel S Williams9196120783134118766
59 Pro/Am Rubber ATVJordan R Drexler411696969697851065
69 Pro/Am Rubber ATVNick J Moelter31378510789610550
79 Pro/Am Rubber ATVJacob L Helgeson878731396699648
89 Pro/Am Rubber ATVJames R Helgeson1114114118710541146
99 Pro/Am Rubber ATVJared J Moeller6951096866940
109 Pro/Am Rubber ATVRyan E Schesel1011209728
119 Pro/Am Rubber ATVBill H Davis21651026
129 Pro/Am Rubber ATVDevin M Borski12020
139 Pro/Am Rubber ATVDustin T Dix13141112
149 Pro/Am Rubber ATVJohn J Flick121878
159 Pro/Am Rubber ATVBryan P Skaudis788
110 Open C MotorcycleCody R Funk411216313313120120120113
210 Open C MotorcycleSierra J Heindl216120216216216313216113
310 Open C MotorcycleSam A Maki51031341141141131369
410 Open C MotorcycleMichael D Debroux3134118731321660
510 Open C MotorcycleNoah J Baehnman7851051051051041159
610 Open C MotorcycleMegan C Funk10569697878786956
710 Open C MotorcycleRuss Sr A Bradley877851069877849
810 Open C MotorcycleTorrey L Browne12012040
910 Open C MotorcycleMason R Barth696951028
1010 Open C MotorcycleTim M May12020
1110 Open C MotorcycleThomas M Mattmiller41111
1210 Open C MotorcycleHanna M Daniels699
1310 Open C MotorcycleDillon Sather877
1410 Open C MotorcycleCarl L Spurling966
111 AM Stock Rubber ATVEmma A Robus120216120120216216216124
211 AM Stock Rubber ATVCole R Robus21612021631131312096
311 AM Stock Rubber ATVIan T Arneson4113134101201207882
411 AM Stock Rubber ATVDawson J Dick4115105102165106941177
511 AM Stock Rubber ATVJacob B Dick31369411684117831373
611 AM Stock Rubber ATVJordan Lindner5931351032
711 AM Stock Rubber ATVAnton T Saule5107818
811 AM Stock Rubber ATVDylan J Schmidt31313
911 AM Stock Rubber ATVZachary T Schiferl41111
1011 AM Stock Rubber ATVJosh K Mcginnis51010
1111 AM Stock Rubber ATVCollin R Baehnman699
1211 AM Stock Rubber ATVJeff I Mcginnis699
1311 AM Stock Rubber ATVCole A Minsaas777
112 Open B MotorcycleMitchel R Rush120120120120120216120136
212 Open B MotorcycleAlec Muth216216313216216120216113
312 Open B MotorcycleTony D Bradley41141141141141155
412 Open B MotorcycleTim M May31321631342
512 Open B MotorcycleRick M Rozinski31331326
612 Open B MotorcycleMike L Anschutz51051020
712 Open B MotorcycleKevin A Weivoda31313
113 450 C Studded Quad (13-18)Kodi J Wells120120216216216216120124
213 450 C Studded Quad (13-18)Lucas J Emlining216313120120120120109
313 450 C Studded Quad (13-18)Dustin G Deimer31341131331350
413 450 C Studded Quad (13-18)Jordan C Umlauft21616
114 Outlaw Pro Rubber ATVScott M Lindner216120216120120510120122
214 Outlaw Pro Rubber ATVJeremy T Flees313411120411411120216102
314 Outlaw Pro Rubber ATVTad M Fehrenbach8769876921631341172
414 Outlaw Pro Rubber ATVNick Nett11110551051051021631365
514 Outlaw Pro Rubber ATVDan Lindner51021641131331363
614 Outlaw Pro Rubber ATVMitchel S Williams96876996694117856
714 Outlaw Pro Rubber ATVScott L Davis7078313216786954
814 Outlaw Pro Rubber ATVJim H Falke14111110578967851039
914 Outlaw Pro Rubber ATVBrandon J Hoffman12051030
1014 Outlaw Pro Rubber ATVNick J Moelter12112178105878729
1114 Outlaw Pro Rubber ATVDustin A Hoffman4031313
1214 Outlaw Pro Rubber ATVWes D Asbach968713
1314 Outlaw Pro Rubber ATVLouis A Plaskey60969612
1414 Outlaw Pro Rubber ATVDustin T Dix1058712
1514 Outlaw Pro Rubber ATVBill H Davis1316910
115 Junior MotorcycleMegan C Funk411120120216216216216115
215 Junior MotorcycleMason R Barth120120120120120100
315 Junior MotorcycleDustin G Deimer31321641131341164
415 Junior MotorcycleMatthew S Trulen21631331342
515 Junior MotorcycleMax D Earley21616
615 Junior MotorcycleTj J Bendykowski31313
715 Junior MotorcycleJake H Fell31313
815 Junior MotorcycleHayden R Winkler41111
116 Open Am Quad StudTyler R Martin31369120120120120120122
216 Open Am Quad StudWilliam L Bell51031321631321641121695
316 Open Am Quad StudDustin J Pieper12012021621672
416 Open Am Quad StudJustin J Schmidt41141131331348
516 Open Am Quad StudJordon S Hamel6951031351042
616 Open Am Quad StudChris M Samplawski21621632
716 Open Am Quad StudKyle C Hahn7841119
816 Open Am Quad StudZach J Degner31313
916 Open Am Quad StudShaun E Winkler41111
1016 Open Am Quad StudJimmy R Downes Jr788
1116 Open Am Quad StudRichard A Schreiber877
117 B Mod Rubber ATVAlex L Volovsek120313120120313313216115
217 B Mod Rubber ATVJames R Helgeson21621641112012031396
317 B Mod Rubber ATVDevin M Borski31321631321621612094
417 B Mod Rubber ATVJacob L Helgeson10531321641151041166
517 B Mod Rubber ATVJordan R Drexler510510411510874118766
617 B Mod Rubber ATVGraham P Eichmiller41196787878697858
717 B Mod Rubber ATVCorbin J Kostyn1214116910569786952
817 B Mod Rubber ATVJared J Moeller787851011451040
917 B Mod Rubber ATVAlan R Falke9687878751037
1017 B Mod Rubber ATVRyan E Schesel871209633
1117 B Mod Rubber ATVJohn J Flick696918
1217 B Mod Rubber ATVSara A Hoffman699
1317 B Mod Rubber ATVZac T Skaudis966
1417 B Mod Rubber ATVTrevor G Andrew1111
118 450 Pro MotorcycleJesse A Leu8712021621641121686
218 450 Pro MotorcycleRussell A Bradley Jr.783134114117821667
318 450 Pro MotorcycleNick F Blumer31312012053
418 450 Pro MotorcycleMitchell E Leu21651041137
518 450 Pro MotorcycleChristian A Johnson12031333
618 450 Pro MotorcycleLuke L Fox21631329
718 450 Pro MotorcycleAdam J Bushman2168723
818 450 Pro MotorcycleRoy W Nafzger31351023
918 450 Pro MotorcycleMitchell J Thomson41151021
1018 450 Pro MotorcycleTrey C Johnson9112021
1118 450 Pro MotorcycleMitchel R Rush12020
1218 450 Pro MotorcycleBrock M Schwarzenbacher12020
1318 450 Pro MotorcycleIan E Malinowski696918
1418 450 Pro MotorcycleWyatt J Hooper31313
1518 450 Pro MotorcycleNeil A Pede41111
1618 450 Pro MotorcycleBrian A Frandsen51010
1718 450 Pro MotorcycleHunter A Even699
1818 450 Pro MotorcycleColin Brill788
12 Pee Wee A QuadRyder J Plaskey216313120313216120120118
22 Pee Wee A QuadDakota M Gettinger120120120120216216112
32 Pee Wee A QuadDanielle M Minsaas31321621631358
42 Pee Wee A QuadJacob B Dick41131324
52 Pee Wee A QuadCaleb J Leschke31313
62 Pee Wee A QuadAllison E Lindner41111
72 Pee Wee A QuadHallie J Burton51010
126 Pro/Am Mod Quad StudCraig D Melville216120120120120120120136
226 Pro/Am Mod Quad StudMike S Mueller12031321621621621697
326 Pro/Am Mod Quad StudGraham P Eichmiller3132162164113136931391
426 Pro/Am Mod Quad StudTravis D Weiler5106931351031341166
526 Pro/Am Mod Quad StudDexter J Popp785104113134115107164
626 Pro/Am Mod Quad StudBobby J Wiskerchen41141122
726 Pro/Am Mod Quad StudAdam M Smedbron41151021
826 Pro/Am Mod Quad StudColin M Wilcott697817
926 Pro/Am Mod Quad StudKyle R Wolosek878714
1026 Pro/Am Mod Quad StudZach J Degner699
120 C Mod Rubber ATVChristopher C Statz5103133134113137812088
220 C Mod Rubber ATVJon M Aschbrenner7851021631312051051087
320 C Mod Rubber ATVEric W Statz698712021641141174
420 C Mod Rubber ATVChad A Hartfiel411694115105106931373
520 C Mod Rubber ATVCody A Hubbard12012012060
620 C Mod Rubber ATVKenny E Gruber3134116931346
720 C Mod Rubber ATVDylan J Schmidt21621632
820 C Mod Rubber ATVDillon C Pongratz78876924
920 C Mod Rubber ATVRae L Reinwand12020
1020 C Mod Rubber ATVWilliam L Bell5106919
1120 C Mod Rubber ATVDerek J Moeller21616
1220 C Mod Rubber ATVRichie A Olicnwier21616
1320 C Mod Rubber ATVBob L Reinwand21616
1420 C Mod Rubber ATVJordan R Drexler41111
1520 C Mod Rubber ATVTrevor G Andrew1059611
1620 C Mod Rubber ATVBrian T Zaverousky788
1720 C Mod Rubber ATVShaun E Winkler966
121 Pro Vet MotorcycleRussell A Bradley Jr.6912012021631321694
221 Pro Vet MotorcycleJason A Heindl41131331331321651051086
321 Pro Vet MotorcycleRoy W Nafzger12012012060
421 Pro Vet MotorcycleLuke L Fox21621612052
521 Pro Vet MotorcycleGreg F Barth8751012031350
621 Pro Vet MotorcycleGerry P Thrune784114114116950
721 Pro Vet MotorcycleMatt J Will51021626
821 Pro Vet MotorcycleJeff Berg21616
921 Pro Vet MotorcycleBrian A Frandsen31313
1021 Pro Vet MotorcycleKen S Even41111
1121 Pro Vet MotorcycleMike E Grapentine41111
122 Amateur Vet MotorcycleTravis Leu313120216216120120105
222 Amateur Vet MotorcycleWilliam L Bell510510510693136941172
322 Amateur Vet MotorcycleJack C Potter4113135104131321664
422 Amateur Vet MotorcycleTim M May21612021652
522 Amateur Vet MotorcycleDale R Funk41121641131351
622 Amateur Vet MotorcycleMichael M Trulen12021636
722 Amateur Vet MotorcycleTorrey L Browne31312033
822 Amateur Vet MotorcycleRick M Rozinski31312033
922 Amateur Vet MotorcycleMike L Anschutz41151021
1022 Amateur Vet MotorcycleKevin A Weivoda41111
124 B Mod Prod Quad StudTyler R Martin216120120120120216120132
224 B Mod Prod Quad StudDustin J Pieper12021621612072
324 B Mod Prod Quad StudSamuel L Harder31321631342
424 B Mod Prod Quad StudJordon S Hamel6951041151040
524 B Mod Prod Quad StudJared J Moeller8121641141139
624 B Mod Prod Quad StudThomas J Thyssen31351031336
724 B Mod Prod Quad StudShaun E Winkler41121627
824 B Mod Prod Quad StudChris M Samplawski31331326
924 B Mod Prod Quad StudJustin J Schmidt9141141123
1024 B Mod Prod Quad StudZach J Degner31313
1124 B Mod Prod Quad StudBrady B Romenesto41111
1224 B Mod Prod Quad StudNate A Tyo51010
1324 B Mod Prod Quad StudChristopher D Prellwitz51010
1424 B Mod Prod Quad StudAdam A Stepnick788
125 Junior Rubber QuadIan T Arneson216120313313120120216118
225 Junior Rubber QuadEmma A Robus120313120120313411120117
325 Junior Rubber QuadCole R Robus31321621621621631390
425 Junior Rubber QuadEli K Fox69411694112166951075
525 Junior Rubber QuadDawson J Dick788778695103136964
625 Junior Rubber QuadJacob B Dick51051051096698741163
725 Junior Rubber QuadCollin R Baehnman8778411510875108760
825 Junior Rubber QuadTaya Nett411697878967850
925 Junior Rubber QuadAustin M Baehnman105874117831
1025 Junior Rubber QuadKatie L Volovsek96969610523
127 250 Amateur MotorcycleAlec Muth216120120120120120313129
227 250 Amateur MotorcycleCody R Funk120216216216216216120120
327 250 Amateur MotorcycleTravis Leu3133133133136941172
427 250 Amateur MotorcycleNoah J Baehnman6951041141151021667
527 250 Amateur MotorcycleMichael D Debroux41141151031331358
627 250 Amateur MotorcycleJake H Fell41111
727 250 Amateur MotorcycleHanna M Daniels51010
827 250 Amateur MotorcycleDave J Mcquestion51010
927 250 Amateur MotorcycleSamuel A Rleutsch788
1027 250 Amateur MotorcycleMichael M Trulen877
128 C Mod Prod Quad StudKodi J Wells313313216216216313216103
228 C Mod Prod Quad StudJason D Treankler411216120120120216103
328 C Mod Prod Quad StudAdam J Trybula21612041112067
428 C Mod Prod Quad StudRussell A Schmidt51078696936
528 C Mod Prod Quad StudLucas J Emlining31312033
628 C Mod Prod Quad StudThomas J Thyssen31351023
728 C Mod Prod Quad StudTristen J Zellmer7831321
828 C Mod Prod Quad StudAdam A Stepnick12020
928 C Mod Prod Quad StudJimmy R Downes Jr6941120
1028 C Mod Prod Quad StudJeremy D Leitzke698716
1128 C Mod Prod Quad StudKyle C Hahn41111
1228 C Mod Prod Quad StudAlan R Falke41111
1328 C Mod Prod Quad StudDawson J Dick51010
1428 C Mod Prod Quad StudMarkus A Catlin51010
1528 C Mod Prod Quad StudJordan C Umlauft51010
1628 C Mod Prod Quad StudBrian J Zellmer699
1728 C Mod Prod Quad StudJosh W Siemers788
1828 C Mod Prod Quad StudShari E Skaudis788
129 A Mod Rubber QuadScott M Lindner31312012096120216120115
229 A Mod Rubber QuadNick Nett1142166951031312031385
329 A Mod Rubber QuadJeremy T Flees51051041141151041121679
429 A Mod Rubber QuadTad M Fehrenbach871053132168751041169
529 A Mod Rubber QuadMitchel S Williams105877869963137856
629 A Mod Rubber QuadScott L Davis70785101207851056
729 A Mod Rubber QuadDan Lindner4111142163136953
829 A Mod Rubber QuadJim H Falke96968787105696949
929 A Mod Rubber QuadBrandon J Hoffman1206929
1029 A Mod Rubber QuadLouis A Plaskey604117819
1129 A Mod Rubber QuadAlex L Volovsek21616
1229 A Mod Rubber QuadWes D Asbach967814
1329 A Mod Rubber QuadDustin A Hoffman2031313
1429 A Mod Rubber QuadDustin T Dix12141112
14 Open Am GP M/CTravis Leu313120120216216120105
24 Open Am GP M/CJack C Potter41131331351021663
34 Open Am GP M/CMichael D Debroux51041141141141154
44 Open Am GP M/CTim M May6921612045
54 Open Am GP M/CMichael M Trulen21621632
64 Open Am GP M/CMike L Anschutz31331326
74 Open Am GP M/CMitchell E Leu12020
84 Open Am GP M/CMitchell J Thomson12020
94 Open Am GP M/CMax D Earley51010
104 Open Am GP M/CKevin A Weivoda51010
114 Open Am GP M/CSamuel A Kleutsch699
15 Open GP Quad StudGraham P Eichmiller120120120216216120112
25 Open GP Quad StudTyler R Martin31341121612051021686
35 Open GP Quad StudDexter J Popp3133133134117858
45 Open GP Quad StudColin M Wilcott2165101208753
55 Open GP Quad StudBobby J Wiskerchen41121627
65 Open GP Quad StudNick Nett31331326
75 Open GP Quad StudBryan P Skaudis41111
85 Open GP Quad StudJared J Moeller41111
95 Open GP Quad StudKyle R Wolosek51010
105 Open GP Quad StudZach J Degner51010
115 Open GP Quad StudAlan R Falke699
125 Open GP Quad StudDave D Dick699
11 Open Pro/Am GP M/CJesse A Leu7812012012021684
21 Open Pro/Am GP M/CMitchell J Thomson51021651036
31 Open Pro/Am GP M/CLuke L Fox12051030
41 Open Pro/Am GP M/CRoy W Nafzger21631329
51 Open Pro/Am GP M/CMitchell E Leu21641127
61 Open Pro/Am GP M/CNick F Blumer31341124
71 Open Pro/Am GP M/CAdam J Bushman12020
81 Open Pro/Am GP M/CIan E Malinowski9631319
91 Open Pro/Am GP M/CTrey C Johnson21616
101 Open Pro/Am GP M/CWyatt J Hooper31313
111 Open Pro/Am GP M/CNeil A Pede31313
121 Open Pro/Am GP M/CChristian A Johnson41111
131 Open Pro/Am GP M/CJeff Berg41111
141 Open Pro/Am GP M/CKevin A Weivoda41111
151 Open Pro/Am GP M/CLance J Triofelner51010
161 Open Pro/Am GP M/CMarky D Will699
171 Open Pro/Am GP M/CJason L Wenthold699
181 Open Pro/Am GP M/CHunter A Even788
191 Open Pro/Am GP M/CMichael M Trulen877
13 Pee Wee MotorcycleTrevor J Simone313216120313120120102
23 Pee Wee MotorcycleHayden R Winkler21631321612065
33 Pee Wee MotorcycleMatthew S Trulen12012012060
43 Pee Wee MotorcycleEthan J Trulen41141121638
53 Pee Wee MotorcycleEli Strangfeld51021626
63 Pee Wee MotorcycleSam D Simone699
16 Pee Wee B QuadCodi D Fox105120120510120120120115
26 Pee Wee B QuadAllison E Lindner3134113132166951021688
36 Pee Wee B QuadDiesel J Plaskey411782161142162168778
46 Pee Wee B QuadTrentyn L Hewitt12021612051041177
56 Pee Wee B QuadCaleb J Leschke51069510411313787869
66 Pee Wee B QuadBryant R Reinwand9651031341131331366
76 Pee Wee B QuadEmma R Schlough78967869876941158
86 Pee Wee B QuadAshley M Lindner693136912378966957
96 Pee Wee B QuadHallie J Burton87105411788751048
106 Pee Wee B QuadEthan J Ramsey1111218787961059633
116 Pee Wee B QuadZander L Baehnman121111969610511410528
126 Pee Wee B QuadCooper J Leschke14113110510511412311423
136 Pee Wee B QuadParker A Stepnick21616
146 Pee Wee B QuadMason T Downes877
156 Pee Wee B QuadHayden R Winkler1311
166 Pee Wee B QuadEthan L Konter1411
119 Jr. Open Tire Rubber QuadEmma A Robus216216120120216120120128
219 Jr. Open Tire Rubber QuadIan T Arneson120120510313120216411110
319 Jr. Open Tire Rubber QuadCole R Robus7831321641131321677
419 Jr. Open Tire Rubber QuadDawson J Dick105114313216878731365
519 Jr. Open Tire Rubber QuadJacob B Dick1236941151051051051063
619 Jr. Open Tire Rubber QuadCollin R Baehnman1147887873134118757
719 Jr. Open Tire Rubber QuadBlaire A Lindner8751069114961147848
819 Jr. Open Tire Rubber QuadJordan Lindner31341178699647
919 Jr. Open Tire Rubber QuadNoah J Baehnman69105411696943
1019 Jr. Open Tire Rubber QuadAustin M Baehnman41169787836
1119 Jr. Open Tire Rubber QuadTaya Nett510871231051059636
1219 Jr. Open Tire Rubber QuadCole A Minsaas96969611422
1319 Jr. Open Tire Rubber QuadEli K Fox7810513
1419 Jr. Open Tire Rubber QuadMorgan A Ort1311
123 Am Mod Rubber ATVDevin M Borski120120120216411120107
223 Am Mod Rubber ATVJames R Helgeson31312021631312021698
323 Am Mod Rubber ATVJacob L Helgeson6921651012021631384
423 Am Mod Rubber ATVCorbin J Kostyn4113133133138731351080
523 Am Mod Rubber ATVChad A Hartfiel7841151041178696966
623 Am Mod Rubber ATVJon M Aschbrenner96510697869789656
723 Am Mod Rubber ATVAlan R Falke87694116941147
823 Am Mod Rubber ATVChristopher C Statz5105107828
923 Am Mod Rubber ATVCody A Hubbard21616
1023 Am Mod Rubber ATVJared J Moeller21616
1123 Am Mod Rubber ATVZac T Skaudis41111
1223 Am Mod Rubber ATVRichie A Olicnwier51010
1323 Am Mod Rubber ATVDerek J Moeller788
1423 Am Mod Rubber ATVDillon C Pongratz877