2016 CWIRA Awards

Riders on this list have completed the requirements for Season Points Awards - those requirements include a completed work day (any points earned on a "work day" have been removed from the total) and have competed in "more than half" (per the rule book) of the races run for the season.  Also, if a rider races all the available events (NOT counting the work day) the lowest race points number is a "throw out" and also removed from the total.  For a complete list of all points earned by every racer in 2016 - click here.  For a listing of "work days" and the requirements - click here.  Updated March 27, 2016

      Fremont 1   Tomah   Fremont 2   Weyauwega Saturday   Weyauwega Sunday   Dexterville   Humbird Saturday   Humbird Sunday    
01/17/2016 01/24/2016 01/31/2016 02/06/2016 02/07/2016 02/14/2016 02/27/2016 02/28/2016
 ClassNameOverallPoints EarnedOverallPoints EarnedOverallPoints EarnedOverallPoints EarnedOverallPoints EarnedOverallPoints EarnedOverallPoints EarnedOverallPoints EarnedTotal Points
1Open Pro/AM GP MotorcycleClayton L Vonmoos1203133131160971
1Pee-Wee A QuadAllison E Lindner40313120120020120120113
2 Levi W Rogers12021621621621600216100
3 Danielle M Minsaas2161201203133130021698
4 Ashley M Lindner5051051061001631341170
5 Emma R Schlough3134114115001041131369
1Open Amateur GP MotorcycleJack C Potter1204041141101131321682
1Open GP Studded QuadGraham P Eichmiller216120120216020120112
2 Tyler R Martin12031321612001685
1Pee-Wee B QuadZander L Baehnman120120216120016120112
2 Caleb J Leschke216120120020411120107
3 Reed R McCarthy3133133165100135021681
4 Daxtyn Wenzel41141321601121641178
5 Kaydence A Plaskey69695113136931364
6 Cooper J Leschke4112041101031351055
1PeeWee MotorcycleChace X Bradley21621641112021679
2Open Pro MotorcycleAustin R Hamburgur4114114113131208902012086
3 Alec Muth120696941141151070
4 Clayton L Vonmoos31378782168752
5 Cody R Funk1519687510784031345
1Junior MotorcycleEthan Ramsey120313120120@AMA1891
1Open Pro Studded QuadCraig D Melville21612021612012000313105
2 Graham P Eichmiller41151012021602021693
3 Travis D Weiler41131321641101341175
4 Tyler R Martin31321641631301674
1Outlaw Pee-Wee QuadParker A Stepniak120120120120120120120
2 Trentyn L Hewitt4021621631302021641192
3 Emma R Schlough5103134114001631351073
1Pro/AM Rubber ATVCorbin J Kostyn90120510216120120120106
2 James R Helgeson502163131201205108031392
3 Jordan R Drexler611120404116921641178
4 Devin M Borski2165051141131341151072
5 Jacob L Helgeson313216313510411907871
6 Dylan J Schmidt12078693137810563
8 Jim H Falke30876102166980696960
1Open C MotorcycleDexter J Popp12021631331301375
1Amateur Stock Rubber ATVMax R Lantvit10120216120020120216112
1Tied for Class ChampionIan T Arneson22020120120216016120112
3 Taya Nett31331331301341163
4 Cole R Robus3163132160031358
1Open B MotorcycleMason R Barth102168712041312012096
2 Sierra J Heindl120511313402163163021692
3 Megan C Funk21688693132046
1450-C Studded Quad (14-18)Emma A Robus12012012012021600120116
2 Kyle M Wells313216216120020216101
1250 GP Amateur MotorcycleCorey J Schroeder12031312002031386
1Outlaw Pro Rubber ATVLouis A Plaskey5012041131351012021690
2 Nick Nett216411901209621612089
3 Jeremy T Flees21612031331369216907087
4 Scott M Lindner31321621621641110031385
5 James R Helgeson30411890120411696951070
6 Devin M Borski1208906987873138763
7 Corbin J Kostyn1005105105107841141160
8 Jacob L Helgeson69966910512012189050
9 Jim H Falke877878963138789049
10 Mitchel S Williams788710578890786945
1Open Amateur Studded QuadKodi J Wells120120120120020100
2 Adam A Stepniak1202165041101112021694
3 Lucas J Emling3138731321601665
1B Mod Rubber ATVJordan R Drexler20120120216020120120116
2 Dylan J Schmidt12031321631301321691
3 Kenny E Gruber31321641151001631379
4 Jon M Aschbrenner5021631341101141121678
1450 Pro MotorcycleAustin R Hamburgur120313313120783021690
3 Alec Muth120696951051031371
4 Clayton L Vonmoos313781203139660
6 Cody R Funk411890891964111054051044
1Jr. Rubber Open Tire QuadEmma A Robus1201201202163020120120116
2 Connor S Pliska4031341112021612021696
3 Codi D Fox31370313691203031351078
4 Blaire A Lindner21621651041181041174
5 Eli K Fox5106969411510702167065
6 Austin M Baehnman510873137841654
7 Taya Nett510786951331353
8 Cole A Minsaas69907887876116951
9 Collin R Baehnman41196961059937
1C Mod Rubber ATVKane M Strassburger12012060313120020120113
2 Ian T Arneson2165102162165100117079
3 Chad A Hartfiel51121631378216013706077
4 Dylon B Strassburger51041101651012067
5 Bob L Reinwand7970411694110031351063
6 Cole R Robus413313120008854
7 Tyler S Hart61069101313081059753
8 Max R Lantvit3041196690109610648
2Pro Vet MotorcycleJason A Heindl1204112162160112021690
1Amateur Vet MotorcycleJack C Potter1202165041101341141182
2 Dale R Funk90411695100731321666
1Amateur Mod Rubber ATVDylan J Schmidt120216216120313120105
2 Ian T Arneson3136012041121621621692
3 Kenny E Gruber2161203137812010582
4 Jon M Aschbrenner5103138731351041131377
5 Bob L Reinwand699021610069887841161
6 Chad A Hartfiel510784119041179695058
7 Kane M Strassburger411785108721652
8 Dylon B Strassburger6969411967944
9 Tyler S Hart78871205109713161043
10 Cole R Robus87313510608838
1B Mod Prod. Studded QuadLucas J Emling120895120120020120105
2 Adam A Stepniak21612021621600216120104
3 Kyle M Wells4111205105001641131381
4 Dustin G Deimer3136921660700931321676
1Junior Rubber QuadCodi D Fox2161201201201200096
2 Eli K Fox1202162162163130081
1250 Amateur MotorcycleMason R Barth10120313120020120120113
2 Noah J Baehnman41321651031301668
3 Megan C Funk2163164112160059
1C Mod Prod. Studded QuadEmma A Robus12012012012012000120120
1A Rubber QuadLouis A Plaskey5101201101208712021693
2 Scott M Lindner21641112051012089041188
3 Jeremy T Flees120313313692164117089082
4 Nick Nett966921641189021612078
5 James R Helgeson20695105107821651031376
6 Corbin J Kostyn10021641131351041151071
7 Devin M Borski31641189087693138763
8 Mitchel S Williams87903136978696955
9 Jim H Falke12087968789110689047
10 Jacob L Helgeson7878781051059789041
1Pro/Am Mod Studded QuadGraham P Eichmiller411120120313020216100
2 Craig D Melville1204031312012001131397
3 Travis D Weiler51021631341101351073
4 Tyler R Martin216787821601664