Links to the forms we use:

Race Day Entry

Minor Waiver - must be printed in color - If a parent or legal guardian is not at the track to sign in person, they may sign in advance and have the form notarized.  A separate waiver is required for each event, and is turned in with race entry.

CWIRA Membership - rider numbers are reserved find the list of taken numbers here.

CWIRA Rule Book

Race Tools: Gearing // Gear Chart Spreadsheet // Rider Chart // Bike Tire Studding Video

Some tips printing these forms:  These forms are .pdf files - so they do stay much like they are suppose to when you print them out.  If you have trouble, you may want to take a look at the screenshot of the "print dialog box" (that thing you click yes on to make the paper come out of the printer).  Yours may look different, but the settings you want are "shrink to fit", "shrink oversized pages" or "shrink to printable area" and "auto rotate", "auto portrait/landscape"  or "auto rotate and center".  Those settings will make the form print nicely on a full sheet of paper.  If you still have problems, just ask Bill in the sign-up trailer to walk you through it. 

If you're computer can't open the files, you may need Adobe Reader or some other .pdf file reader.  You can download Adobe here.