2018 C.W.I.R.A. Rider Numbers

All C.W.I.R.A. numbers will be 1 or 2 number digits only. The use of letters, slashes or 3 digit numbers will not be allowed. Unused numbers will be available on a first come/first served basis. A number may be only used by one rider per class, but the same number can be used in multiple classes by different riders Single digits & leading zeros are allowed.  Numbers used by CWIRA members in the 2017 season will be reserved for their continued use in 2018 but ONLY until the FALL MEETING After the Fall Meeting all unused (for 2018) numbers will be available to anyone - first come / first served.  Numbers shown here IN RED have been taken for 2018.   ALL other numbers (whether they are on this list or not) are available (except as described above) - 2017 numbers are shown for reference.  Renewals sent by mail are awarded in order of postmark.  Flattrack numbers (like 14k) may keep displaying their letter but we will only use the numbers in our system (14k will be just 14).